Love the look of your business logo and want everyone else to love it to? Let Red Room get you set up for marketing success with professionally designed and produced prints and materials. The Houston market is saturated with advertising, but with your unique logo printed on everyone’s favorite comfy sweater, your business will be seen at the gym, the farmer’s market, or even while getting settled at the movie theater for the next midnight premier. Some may say subliminal messages are the only way to get into a client’s head. We’d rather take the more kosher route when handling your design work, print production prep, and even having your product delivered straight to your door. Below is our portfolio from previous projects. Red Room serves South Louisiana, East Texas, and abroad. Take a look and let us know what you think.

  • Business Card Design
  • Brochures & Rackcards
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Presentation Folders
  • Mailers & Invitations
  • Banner & Sign Design


Graphic Design business cards for a soda company in Houston TX

Graphic Design poster of Dr. John by a company in Houston TX

Graphic Design of Gene Wilder for an event in Houston TX

Graphic Design poster for a festival in Houston TX

Graphic Design on business cards for a Houston TX business

Graphic Design of a king and voodoo skull for a team in Houston TX

Graphic Design shirt for a football team in Houston TX
Graphic Design business cards for a company in Houston TX

Graphic Design, a poster of a skull for a company in Houston TX

Graphic Design poster of a play in Houston TX

Graphic Design, a poster for an event in Houston TX

Graphic Design of an owl for a company in Houston TX




When looking to promote your business as the best, one thing you cannot go without is a professionally built website. Quality web design is your starting point and more often the first thing a potential client sees. A sharply designed website shows that client you mean business and take pride in what you put out for others to view. Red Room is here to custom build that website for you and put your business’s best foot forward.


When it comes to logo design, Red Room has you covered. When creating a logo, you want it to easily show what your business is and a bit of who you are. It’s what can connect a client to you and have them give you a call. Let Red Room create a custom logo and branding package for your business so people can see what you’re really about.


Graphic design creates the opportunity for your business to physically travel the world. Red Room offers this service to include promotional goods like t-shirts and stickers and printed items like letterheads and business cards, plus so much more. Rest assured of the quality in knowing we design, proof, and send off your design to the printers all in house. Put your business logo in a client’s hand.


The internet offers basically an infinite amount of information, along with hundreds of thousands of results when using a search engine. So how do you get to the front of the line? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, gets your site ranked at the top of online searches, giving you more visibility and potential to gain more clients. Make your website work for you!


When it comes to photography and promoting a business, if you want to be noticed, it’s got to be professional and pristine. No matter how much your phone company tells you that you have the latest and greatest in pixels, nothing will compare to a professionally shot and edited photo. Red Room believes in this statement so much, we offer this service to our clients at a fraction of the cost when compared to freelance photographers. One-stop-shop, no hassle, no fuss...just another way Red Room can help your business grow.


The ominous cloud. How does it work? Will I benefit as a business owner? Red Room has the answer: It’s kind of like sausage and you don’t want to see how it’s made and yes, your life will be so much easier with it. Connect instantly with your team no matter where you are or what device you’re using, and send files quickly and securely to your clients at the click of a button. You can see clearly now the rain has gone. Trust us.