So you have a great logo to display loud and proud, but what happens next? Every successful business has the need for professionally designed and produced prints and materials like posters, business cards, brochures, and tee shirts. Red Room handles the design work, print production prep, and you get delivery directly to your door in the greater Lafayette area. It’s like pizza, but better. Well…maybe not better but this kind of service is pretty awesome. You can check out the selection of portfolio work below. There are examples from Lafayette, New Orleans, and the Houston area – Red Room serves South Louisiana, East Texas, and abroad.

  • Business Card Design
  • Brochures & Rackcards
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Presentation Folders
  • Mailers & Invitations
  • Banner & Sign Design


Graphic Design business cards for a soda company in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design poster of Dr. John by a company in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design of Gene Wilder for an event in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design poster for a festival in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design on business cards for a New Orleans LA business

Graphic Design of a king and voodoo skull for a team in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design shirt for a football team in New Orleans LA
Graphic Design business cards for a company in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design, a poster of a skull for a company in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design poster of a play in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design, a poster for an event in New Orleans LA

Graphic Design of an owl for a company in New Orleans LA




A professionally built website is no longer reserved for the big wigs. In the age of social media and computers in our pockets, it’s a necessity for a business to survive and thrive. Top-notch web design is one thing that gives a potential client trust in your business. With Red Room, we create a custom-built website to show that appreciation and love for your business, so clients will love and appreciate your business too.


Logo design is Red Room’s jam. It is the ultimate first impression, and that’s why we take it so seriously. Often times, it’s what gets you the call and the business you’re looking for. Let Red Room create a logo and branding package for you reminiscent of what you and your business is all about.


Another service Red Room offers our clients is graphic design like printed items, promotional products, and more. All graphic design work is designed, reviewed, and sent off to the printers all exclusively through Red Room. We are your go-to for general graphic design like t-shirts, business cards, and stickers, while still offering your web design, logo design, and online services.


If you want your business front in center on the World Wide Web, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the ticket. Like, it’s the only ticket. When your site is at the top of a search result, you are almost guaranteed a click. Not showing up till page three? Then you can most likely bet everyone’s attention span will keep them from even getting that far. Gain more potential customers, more leads, and be more visible online through our SEO services. Make your website work for you!


When building your business, professional photography is a must. We believe in the power of professional photography (PPP, that’s right) so much it’s just one more piece to our offering puzzle. We want our clients to succeed beyond just an awesome website. It is this very reason we at Red Room offer in-house photography utilizing the highest end equipment available and at a fraction of the cost.


It’s all in the cloud. But what does that mean?!? So complicated on the outside, but once you and your team can work seamlessly from anywhere in the world, across all devices, all together, it’s really quite simple. Once you can send clients important files on a secure, privately hosted network, you’ll wonder where this has been all your life.